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Five Lessons I Learned from My Time with Warren Buffett

Five Lessons I Learned from My Time with Warren Buffett

Even with the best network and connections it is rare that you get a chance to sit down with a true “Titan of Industry” like Warren Buffett.  Now I have been pretty fortunate to meet and learn from a number of big time leaders, and now I am truly fortunate to add Warren Buffet to that list. I have to say that this encounter yielded some notable lessons I learned from this remarkably humble man.

Profound and yet, simple.

Lesson #1 – Struggle is a valuable part of the equation in eventually finding or creating the greatest successes.

What a fantastic perspective to look at struggle as an asset instead of a liability.  Just imagine if we ran into roadblocks and immediately began to think to ourselves, “This proves that I am very close to my breakthrough success.”  We could learn to be unstoppable.  It also has been a key in keeping me grounded once my business took off.  Going back and considering the lessons and value of the early day’s struggle has kept me focused and on course.

Lesson #2 – Warren Buffett spent 6 years working out of a small office at his house while building his business by personally learning what worked and what did not.  Not until then did he move to an outside office or hire his first employee.

This was actually very surprising to me at first.  I would not have thought of such humble beginnings for an organization like Berkshire-Hathaway, but now it makes perfect sense.  Warren Buffett went deep into his business ideas, model, and processes to get things right before expanding.  So many times I see entrepreneurs and sales professionals getting caught up in substitute activity and busy-ness and never really getting down to what the key drivers of their business really are.  It makes ALL the difference.

Lesson #3 – Warren Buffett took a public speaking course where he learned the importance and value of being able to communicate clearly in front of a crowd.

It does not matter what your business is, being able to clearly articulate your thoughts, message, and action points will help you regardless of your profession.  Yet, for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business leaders it is critical.  Clarity in communicating your story leads directly to driving a greater impact.

Lesson #4 – We must be “ruthless” about integrity and honesty

I had never heard it said this way, but I have to say that I completely agree and have this as a central part of my personal life and my business.  My dad always stressed to us the importance of honesty and integrity.  It simply is not something that you “do,” it is something that you “live.”  It is impossible to be somewhat or reasonably honest.  Once you deliver a consistent experience of being a person of honesty and integrity, your life and the culture of your business will expand.  We all need to be “ruthless” about this!

Lesson #5 – When Warren Buffett was just 9 years old, he read the book A Thousand Ways to Make $1000, three times, and then followed its principles.

What a clear and simple message here.  Find something that works and then follow its principles.  Far too many get trapped looking for the latest trend or the ‘silver bullet’ solution that is the flavor of the month.  That is why I train, coach, and mentor, and why I am obsessed with helping sales professionals find better ways to win before they ever show up.

Proven Principles You Can Follow

I tell entrepreneurs and sales professionals all the time that my Elevation180 program will get you significant results guaranteed.  In fact, I can go as far as to say that if you do the work and you work the program, and you do not get remarkable results, I will give you your money back.

How can I say that? For the same reason Warren Buffett credits the book above for the start of his success.  Proven methods work when you do the work. Elevation180 is not the silver bullet solution; it is the tried and tested tools and methods I used in my own organization to quadruple my results in half the amount of time. There is no substitute for hard work, but where and how you spend that work is critical. Our sole purpose now is to find better ways to help producers and organizations find better ways to prepare to win!

Are you reaching and surpassing your sales goals and personal goals?  If not, I would welcome the opportunity to talk about it with you about what could help you find a better way.  No heavy sales pitch – just a realistic discussion about how to get you where you want to be.

Let’s talk soon –


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