A Proven Insurance Sales Business Plan

Welcome to Elevation180! I’m Jerry Lujan, and I have a proven insurance sales business plan; a better way I’ve found after decades of the daily grind, and I want to share with you. How do I know it works? Because, I was once like you probably are now. I worked for twenty years in the property and casualty insurance business. I achieved success, and finally hit the all-important one-million dollar mark as a producer. Unfortunately, I did it at the expense of my family, of everything that was dear to me and everything that gave me the motivation to keep going; to keep putting in 60, 70, 80 hour weeks, week after week, year after year.

Why did I work so hard, and ultimately drive away my family? Ironically, I did it because I wanted to provide for them. I was able to stay motivated because I was sure that once I hit my $1M goal, once I’d “made it” as a top producer, I’d be able to relax, reduce my hours and enjoy the rewards of all my hard work. The problem was, once I got there, I realized that I couldn’t slack off. In fact, I had to work even harder, because now I had a reputation to maintain.

My Wake-Up Call

One day, my five-year-old daughter Kelley, came to me and asked me for an “appointment” to take her to the park and play. While I was there – still thinking about work and not really present in the moment with her, even then – she asked me the hardest question of my life: “Daddy, why don’t you love me?” I was floored. Of course, I loved her. How could she not see it? How could she not know that everything I did, I did for her? But, of course, she didn’t know. Because, to her, I was simply not there in her life. Something needed to change, but I knew I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. Somehow, I had to find a better way, a way to walk the producer’s walk, while also getting back in touch with my family.

A Better Way

It took me years of painstaking exploration, soul-searching, research and experimentation, but I finally found my better way. None of it’s magic, in fact, now that I know, now that I understand the basic flaws in the insurance sales business model and how to compensate for them, it seems pretty common-sense. Still, it was a painful time in my life, and it’s a pain that I want to help spare you from having to go through, so I urge you to take my Book of Business Multiplier Assessment to find out if you’re ready to have your insurance sales business transformed by my better way.

Proven Results

My own results speak for themselves. In three years, I more than tripled my book of business. At the same time, I slashed my hours in half; from 80 hours a week to less than 40 and often as few as 30. Sound impossible? Many of my former students have had the same kind of success. Take a look at some of their success-stories, and then let me help you discover whether I can help you get the same proven results, with a better way; a new insurance sales business plan that will change your life!

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