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Abundance and Vision

Over the past couple days, I have had the most incredible opportunity to be in a room with many of world’s most visionary leaders and technological pioneers at an event called Abundance360.  To say it is an honor is simply a terrible understatement.

Individuals like Peter Diamandis, the pioneer of the private space movement, and Ray Kurzweil, considered by many to be the Albert Einstein of our time, are just a couple of the incredible speakers and participants.  In addition, the room is filled with entrepreneurs and business owners who are committed to doing something significant for mankind while building a thriving business.

So why is that important for me to be here?

I believe three critical components must exist for any successful business leader, and in our case, a sales professional’s plan.

  1. A mindset of Abundance,
  2. A vision beyond today’s reality, and
  3. A willingness to surround yourself with people who challenge your thinking.

Why Abundance? Think about it – contrary to what you hear on the news, we live in the most incredible time in history.  Science and medical advances are happening faster than ever before.  Technology and the internet changes everything more quickly than we can fully understand.  More people around the world have access to clean water and food than in generations past.  And, for those of us who chose to embrace it—our future is wide open and much larger than even our current dreams.  We are in a time of genuine abundance!

Why Vision?  Vision is a natural bi-product of mindset.  If you can see yourself succeeding, the path and the actions to get there become far more clear than simply going along as things go along.  People of vision make their future come to them, where individuals without vision find themselves responding to life instead of creating it.

And why surround yourself with people who challenge your thinking?  That is simple.  By having people around you who challenge you, it is far easier to look at problems as opportunities.  It is also so important to be around people who are doing larger, more difficult, more complex things than you are.

I have always heard it said, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room!”  And I completely agree.  That is a big part of why I am here.

So let me ask you; What are you doing to challenge yourself and create a vision of genuine abundance for your life, your career, and the ones around you?

If the answer is unclear or you are not sure, I would love to visit with you about it.  Reach out here and let’s talk about how to get you on the track to success you want.


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