Accelerate! | Elevation180

Are you tired, stuck, out of time, or frustrated that you are not getting the sales results you know you can?

With ACCELERATE, Jerry Lujan shares the core elements of his proven, 30-year sales success method.  With these exact tools and resources, he grew his own book of business from $285K to over $3.25M in revenue while working 30% less on average.

I get that it's hard to commit to a program like Win180, without knowing how I operate and coach. When I was a producer I always said I didn't have the time or resources to commit to a coaching program, with those issues in mind, we developed Accelerate. The Live-Online nature of the program allows you to still interact with both myself and the other participants without having to leave the office.

How it works is we have Seven 90 minute sessions, one every two weeks. In these we cover the foundational tools and concepts that are the basis of the Win180 Program.

How? Through ACCELERATE, you will discover, develop, and then deploy

seven key modules for your own book of business, including:

Inside Your Numbers- Taking a good look at your book of business

Intentional Clients- Getting Clear with who you want to work with

Purposeful Prep- Getting Prepared for Every Interaction

Relationship Builder Dialogue- The Key to it all

Capacity Calculator- Checking to see how much time you really have 

Services Multiplier- What you do for the client that they might not realize 

Dream on Purpose- Dreams become real when you have a way to actualize them

Use the next 90-days to build and refine your own sales process to double or triple your sales by creating recurring, predictable income while working smarter, not harder.