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Reflection About Being Thankful

Over this past week of Thanksgiving, I spent a fair amount of time being intentional about what I am genuinely thankful for.

First, I am most thankful for Lisa, my beautiful wife and partner who has been with me for 40 years – even when it probably wasn’t as easy as I would like to think. And to my remarkable daughter, Kelley;  What an absolute pleasure and joy to see the woman you have become.  And to my son, Jared; I am so very proud of your strength and your heart as a man.

I am also thankful for family, friends, my health, and the opportunity to work and interact with so many dynamic people.

In particular, I am thankful for members of Win180 and the Accelerate program.  You all have no idea how much fun and fulfillment I get by being your partner and advocate as you grow your business and change your life.

It is an incredible feeling to watch and help you win at every level.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your success.

Finally to you…thank you.  When you shoot me a note, raise a question, forward a post or tweet, you affirm that what we are doing here as the Elevation180 family is of value and worthwhile to you.

For that, I am genuinely grateful.

So, as you begin to celebrate the end of year holidays, I encourage you to be very intentional with your thanks. Write personal notes, make the phone calls you have intended to, hug your life partner and your children.

It is my hope that the end of 2015 and the forward look at 2016 and beyond, that you have the brightest of opportunities before you and the plan to get where you want to go.

And if you are not as excited about your future, I would love to visit with you about that.  Just use this link to set up time for a quick re-focus call to help get you on track. I know we can get you to greater and brighter things.


The Elevation180 program is a premier sales coaching program with proven results.  Born out of a 30-year career as a top producer in the commercial insurance industry, Jerry Lujan has developed a series of leading edge sales tools that allow you to double, or even triple your business while working far less.  If you are tired and out of ideas to get the results you want, reach out to Jerry at  Every producer in the program had their best year ever in 2014.  Several of them are 15-20 year veterans.  Let’s find what works for your book of business.

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  1. thank you for sharing your inspirational thanksgiving thoughts and reflections–they made me pause and think of my own reasons for being thankful this year–joe

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