Dream on Purpose: How to Create Déjà Vu All Over Again

  This week we are moving to the second part of our Critical Mindsteps Series, on the traits of high performers. The first part was on Connecting on Purpose, and the last few weeks we broke down the component parts. Now we are going to switch gears and move to part two: Dream on Purpose, […]

Connect on Purpose: Knowing Your Clients, Allies, and Enemies

This week’s insight is continuing our ongoing series The Critical Mindsteps. We are into the first mindstep, Connect on Purpose. We have previously broken down some of the previous parts of Connect on Purpose in our earlier insights which you can find on our site or on our social media pages. This week I want […]

Critical Mindset Series: Knowing Your Team

    No high performer can do everything alone, without a team to support them any success will be short lived. Let’s examine the second point of Connect on Purpose: Knowing Your Team. Finding and building the right team is critical in success in your bigger future. The sub steps of Knowing Your Team can […]

Connect on Purpose Overview

How do you connect on purpose? After being privileged to work & learn from some of the highest performers in the world I’ve narrowed my focus to perfecting a series of critical mindsteps. This week I’ll cover the overview of the 3 critical sub-steps of the first mindstep: Connect on Purpose. Watch as I cover […]

Critical Mindsteps

I have had many great opportunities and the privilege to work with, train, and mentor some of the highest performers in the world. I have studied them, I have studied how they operate, how they prepare, what their mindset is, and the steps they take to get that mindset. This series over the next few […]

Learning to Say “No”

Learning to say No can have a dramatic impact on your business. Some think that it is counter-intuitive to grow your book of business by learning to say “no,” but when you just say yes you aren’t selecting your business, which can bog you down. Watch to hear more.

Weekly Priorities

Tell me, how often do you get to the end of the workweek and realize you didn’t get the things you wanted to done. I know I have, I was always reacting to my week and work, rather than proactively taking control of the week. Watch and learn how I do that. 

The Future of the Insurance Industry

The Future of the Insurance Industry I have discussed technology many times here on this blog, because I truly believe that the changes it will bring are going to be big. Today I want to talk about just a few ways I see the Industry changing.

Work Life Balance

We all want to achieve work life balance, as if it was a set in stone static goal. Once we find the magic ratio then we will always have balance. But life at work and at home is not static, so we need to stop seeing balance that way. See how we thought about and […]

Win or Learn- Never Lose

We have a tendency to see a loss as a culmination, an ending. But rather than seeing it a only a loss, we should see it as a chance to learn, and be ready for the next time. See an example of how a team did just that.