Video: Backwards Industry

The insurance industry is backwards. The more money your clients pay for their insurance policies, the more money you make. The less they pay, the less you make. That creates a win-lose situation with misaligned incentives. What if we told you Jerry has a way to work with your client to create a win-win situation, […]

How Your Big Goals May Be Doing You In

If you have followed me for very long, this statement may surprise you, but I completely believe it. Your Big Goals May Be Doing You In. I am all about expanding your business and setting goals that double, triple, or even 10x your business. That is how the top performers in any industry make things […]

Merry Christmas

At a time of year when we all pause to reflect and then look to the future, I hope you join with me to take the time to truly appreciate the things that really matter.  My hope is that you and your family experience all of the joy, laughter, and peace possible this holiday season. […]

Are You Selling to the Part of the Brain That Doesn’t Buy?

Back in the early 1960’s professional football was overshadowed in popularity by major league baseball, college football, and even boxing. Why is that? Until 1962, all highlight reels were comprised of simple sports clips, marching band music, and rapid-fire sports commentators with a reprisal of their live call of the game. Enter Ed Sabol. With […]

Technology: Disruption or Opportunity?

Over my 30-plus year career in the commercial insurance industry, I’ve seen some massive changes but also a significant amount of things staying exactly the way they have been for decades. Those two things happening simultaneously is a sure sign that significant winners and losers will soon follow. But perhaps the two largest shifts in […]

College World Series | Elevation180

Lessons Learned from the College Baseball World Series

This past summer I had a fantastic opportunity to attend the College Baseball World Series as the guest of a player I had the pleasure of coaching throughout his little league days. As a former player and lifetime fan of the game, I was thrilled to attend for the first time, especially to watch a […]

5 Lessons I learned with Warren Buffett | Elevation180

Five Lessons I Learned from My Time with Warren Buffett

Five Lessons I Learned from My Time with Warren Buffett Even with the best network and connections it is rare that you get a chance to sit down with a true “Titan of Industry” like Warren Buffett.  Now I have been pretty fortunate to meet and learn from a number of big time leaders, and […]

Positive Focus | Elevation180

Positive Focus

I start off every live training session in my coaching business with a simple question: “What has you excited since the last time we met?” This process is called positive focus; it invites everyone in the room to share a particular win they have had since we last met and, when possible, a win they […]

Overcoming Failure | Elevation180

Overcoming Failure

Last week, I wrote about the good that can come out of failure. And truthfully, I had several questions and comments come my way that I thought we should talk about here. Q. What if I try something new in my sales process and don’t get the same or better results? A. Great question.  The […]