Elevation180 | Driving Your Future

Driving or Riding to Your Future?

As true sales professionals, our actions and our mindset have an enormous impact on how much we make and how much we enjoy what we do. In fact, more than most anyone else, we can directly turn on and turn up our productivity and revenue if we are doing our prep work, and have an […]

Abundance Vision | Elevation180

Abundance and Vision

Over the past couple days, I have had the most incredible opportunity to be in a room with many of world’s most visionary leaders and technological pioneers at an event called Abundance360.  To say it is an honor is simply a terrible understatement. Individuals like Peter Diamandis, the pioneer of the private space movement, and […]

Resolutions | Elevation180

The Death of Resolutions

It is about this time every year when 95% of all New Year’s Resolutions go to that resolution cloud in the sky, having been forgotten, given up on, or just plain stopped.  All the gyms begin to thin out a little bit more, and the quantities of Twinkies and ice cream at the supermarket are […]

Smarter | Elevation180

Smarter New Year

I hear a lot of talk around this time of year about “Your Best Year Ever.”  Don’t you?  I get it. A new year is a natural time to think about making things better than it has ever been.  However, I prefer to look at your best year ever in a slightly different way than […]

Goals for 2016 | Elevation180

A New Year for Setting Bigger Goals

Happy New Year to you and yours!  It is my sincere hope that you are putting the finishing touches on the best year of your career, and that you blew away every sales and productivity goal you had on your list. One of the ways that has happened for me is through a tool that […]

Reflecting During Holidays | Elevation180

Reflecting During the Holidays

Over the next couple weeks, everyone will be reflecting on the year and also looking to the future.  Friends and families will gather to spend time around tradition, faith, children, toys, hopes, and dreams. I am no different.  I love family time!  But to be completely truthful, that has not always been the case. Don’t […]

Purpose | Elevation180

From Sales to Success to Purpose

Working with hundreds of sales professionals who are all in various places is interesting, invigorating, and chocked full of rewarding journeys.  I can truly say that along the way, virtually all have gone from clients, to partners, to friends. But there is another progression that I have seen over my 30-year career that is both […]

Secret Sauce of Selling | Elevation180

Secret Sauce to Selling

I have the pleasure of working with sales professionals of all ages and experience levels.  Without fail, regardless of the group or conversation I am in, I get asked, “Hey Jerry, what is your secret sauce to selling?” Well if you have followed me for very long, you know I am ALL ABOUT preparation and […]

Be Thankful | Elevation180

Reflection About Being Thankful

Over this past week of Thanksgiving, I spent a fair amount of time being intentional about what I am genuinely thankful for. First, I am most thankful for Lisa, my beautiful wife and partner who has been with me for 40 years – even when it probably wasn’t as easy as I would like to think. […]

Honoring All Who Served this Veteran’s Day

Honoring All Who Served this Veteran’s Day As we honor everyone who has served or is actively serving to protect our great nation, I challenge you to watch and then share this powerful video message from an American Hero, Green Beret, and my friend, Scott Mann.  May we always remember the sacrifices made so that […]