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Progress, Truth, and High Performing Sales

“All Progress Begins With the Truth!” – Dan Sullivan That is one of my favorite quotes from long-time friend and coach, Dan Sullivan.  Why? Because I am not sure there is anything more powerful than the truth – especially when turned inwardly at our lives and our business. Of course, most of us do not […]

Realization: State Of Your Book Of Business

Recently, I was on the online session with the Accelerate! course. One of the participants had just gone back and done the deep dive I had instructed of getting into the numbers of their business. She was shocked to realize that there were hundreds of accounts that took enormous amounts of team time, while producing […]

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Constantly Growing

Growing as a person and as a professional is more than a passion of mine – it is a way of life.  I am part of numerous coaching groups, masterminds, and gatherings made of up high performance experts. Why? Simple.  I know that in order to continue to build my business and my life the […]

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Recoup, Recharge, Re-Focus

It was years into my business life before I realized that taking downtime was a necessity rather than a luxury.  I also would tell myself that I needed to work a little bit longer, or harder, or make that one more set of calls and THEN I could relax. Of course, when I would get […]

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The Principle of Practice

I have a new online course that began this past Tuesday with a group of producers who are seeking to multiply their book of business several times over.  These folks are serious and obviously deserve my best work as their sales and business coach. Anything less is not worthy of them – and not characteristic of me. […]

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The Best Book of Business Advice You Can Get

As a sales coach, I am constantly asked what is the “one thing” I should do today to get my sales up? This simple question happens to have a simple answer: Start. Most of us have instructional books, conference binders, CLE course materials that have not been opened since the moment you walked out of […]

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Real Results – The Proof Is In the Numbers

No Hype Here – Just Real Results Over the past 18 months I’ve had the opportunity to coach producers from around the country.  We’ve been focused on dramatically increasing their new business results by following the road map and utilizing the same tools that I created and used to grow my own book of business […]

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Genuine Business Focus for a Sales Professional

Being able to adjust and pivot in your business is key.  You have to know how and when to change your business focus. Without it, you either miss the market, it evolves away from it, or in some cases, you are ahead of it. When I was a new commercial insurance producer, just starting out, […]

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#1 Secret to a Positive Sales Call

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know I am a huge believer in preparation.  I fully believe that “Preparation is how you win before you ever show up.’ – Dr Jeff Spencer So with that in mind, I want to share with you what I know is the number […]

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Understanding the Power of Who You Are as a Sales Professional

Understanding the Power of Who You Are as a Sales Professional I have an incredible career that has come about because of the incredible sage advice I received from my dad, and a mountain of straight out hard work.   I believe the principle goes like this: “Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.” […]