Connect on Purpose: Knowing Your Clients, Allies, and Enemies

This week’s insight is continuing our ongoing series The Critical Mindsteps. We are into the first mindstep, Connect on Purpose. We have previously broken down some of the previous parts of Connect on Purpose in our earlier insights which you can find on our site or on our social media pages.

This week I want to discuss with you the importance of Knowing you Clients, Allies, and Enemies. How can you be successful if you don’t know your clients as best as possible? Watch as I break down the steps of knowing your clients, allies, and enemies.

a.) Asking great questions and truly listening to what they want and need
b.) Connect Emotionally- don’t sell with data & Information, connect with emotion
c.) Deliver what the client wants by creating a win- win solution

What aspects of this do you already do in your life? What are the steps you can implement to help your bigger business and live into your bigger future? We’d love to hear from you.


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