Dream on Purpose: How to Create Déjà Vu All Over Again


This week we are moving to the second part of our Critical Mindsteps Series, on the traits of high performers. The first part was on Connecting on Purpose, and the last few weeks we broke down the component parts. Now we are going to switch gears and move to part two: Dream on Purpose, How to Create Déjà vu All Over Again.
I have discussed in several blogs how to do this, but I realize that I haven’t done the best at explaining why I think it’s such a critical part of your mindset as you prepare to elevate your performance.
This week the video focuses on the dream:
A. How to Visualize your dream as vivid as possible
B. Write it out in detail as if it has already happened
C. Swinging for the fences, dreaming big
Next week we will cover how to make your dreams a reality, so stay tuned.

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