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Driving or Riding to Your Future?

As true sales professionals, our actions and our mindset have an enormous impact on how much we make and how much we enjoy what we do.

In fact, more than most anyone else, we can directly turn on and turn up our productivity and revenue if we are doing our prep work, and have an effective, proven system to prospect, cultivate, and convert clients.

So I ask you this—Are you Driving or Riding to Your Future?

And more importantly, do you even know which?  Almost every time I get on a call with a sales professional, I begin by asking a series of questions.  And in 99% of the calls, the person on the other end of the line does not know, and in many cases, doesn’t even know where to go get the information.

Could that be you?  Let me ask you…

  1. Do you know how many accounts in total you have?
  2. What is your total revenue for the last three years by year?
  3. Do you know the revenue and commission of your top five accounts? Your top ten?
  4. Do you know the average revenue of your top five accounts?
  5. And finally, knowing that average, how many prospects in your current list of prospects meet or exceed that average?

If your prospect funnel has a healthy number of real opportunities that meet or exceed your average from #4 above, then I would say you are driving to your future.  If not, then I think it is likely you just riding along.

I am pretty sure “riding along” is not where you want to be, nor is it going to get you to the goal and the personal revenue you want to achieve.

So, what do you need to do differently?  I believe you need to find a better way.  Why?  That is how I quadrupled my book of business while discovering that as I did, I could work far less and have more time with my family.

Sound like something you want?  Let’s talk about it.

If you are not sure where to start, answer the five questions above, and then let’s talk about it.  Schedule time for your 1:1 consultation today.

Elevation180 is forming new producer workshops beginning early spring 2016.  To find out how to join in, call 866.999.3610 or go to wwwElevation180.com today.


The Elevation180 program is a premier sales coaching program with proven results. Born out of a 30-year career as a top producer in the commercial insurance industry, Jerry Lujan has developed a series of leading-edge sales tools that allow you to double, or even triple, your business while working far less. If you are tired and out of ideas to get the results you want, reach out to Jerry at www.Elevation180.com. Every producer in the program had their best year ever in 2014 and 2015—including producers with less than 3 years in, as well as 20+ year veterans. Let’s find what works for your book of business.

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