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Grit and Determination

I get asked all the time by my coaching clients, “if you had to pick ONE thing that made all the difference in your building a multi-million-dollar book of business, what would it be?”

That answer is simple:  Grit and Determination.

And sadly for most people, that is not the answer they want to hear.  A lot of sales professionals today are looking for the “hack” or the “silver bullet” or the “short cut” to great sales.  And there are a lot of so-called gurus out there making a lot of money on other people’s dreams.

I do not coach the short cut.  Although, the Elevation180 program has been proven to exponentially grow your business far faster than you ever would alone.

Take Grady for example.  He has been in the Elevation 180 program for just over two years.  When he first entered, he had a decent book for a relative newbie.  But, his average account was about $1,000 of revenue.

Grady called me last week to tell me that because of the program, the methods, and his grit and determination, he is pitching $3.2 million in commissions in the next seven days.  SEVEN DAYS!

The Elevation180 program is built upon the exact tools and methods that I personally used to grow my book to over $3 million annually.  I know that it works.  The only missing ingredient?  Whether or not you have the grit and determination to do the work.

For me, once I clarified the right things to be doing every day, I found that business quadrupled while I ended up working about 30% less.  I know—that sounds too good to be true.  But I will show you the real numbers if you would like to see.  In fact, I will show you the exact info on how every producer in the program last year had their best year ever.

So the question is simple and two-fold:  Do you have the right system to get you to and beyond your sales goals?  And, do you have the grit and determination to do the work?

If so, I know I can build a $1-million-dollar book for you.

No Theory.  Just Results.

Here is what you need to do:


The Elevation180 program is a premier sales coaching program with proven results. Born out of a 30-year career as a top producer in the commercial insurance industry, Jerry Lujan has developed a series of leading-edge sales tools that allow you to double, or even triple, your business while working far less. If you are tired and out of ideas to get the results you want, reach out to Jerry at Every producer in the program had their best year ever in 2014 and 2015—including producers with less than 3 years in, as well as 20+ year veterans. Let’s find what works for your book of business.

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