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The One Secret Ingredient of High Performers

The One Secret Ingredient of High Performers

Working with entrepreneurs and high performing sales professionals, I have a unique opportunity to understand what common practices are used by those who win on purpose versus others who simply talk about winning.

As a coach, it is pretty easy to see who is laser focused on results and who is satisfied with busyness—what I call “substitute activity.”

But there are several common habits and tactics that those who win have at the ready any time, any place.

The challenge is that as an entrepreneur or high performing sales professional, you are wired for a lot of ideas.  Creativity and action are a significant part of how you got to where you are.  But if left unrefined, that same creativity and action can quickly turn into “spinning your wheels,” or being “really busy” but your sales numbers are not happening.

Sound familiar?

In fact, if you have a team around you, this unbridled substitute activity can become part of your culture.  And trust me, you want a lean, high performing team around you.  And that team takes their cue from one place…YOU.

So how do you take a good serious look and get a real gut check about where you are and how you are building your business, your life, and your team?

First, start with mindset.  My experience both personally and as a coach, shows me that when you are focused on what IS happening instead of what it not, you will be postured to move forward every time.

Second, know your numbers.  Without a deep understanding of the key performance metrics in your business, you are flying blind.  In most cases surviving by substitute activity and cash flow rather than building a true, strong, hyper-revenue-generating business.  Key metrics will help you exponentially when the inevitable shortfall comes around.

Finally, know your own strengths and purpose.  Just because you can do a task in your business does not mean that you should do it.  High performers I work with know when to dig in personally, and when to go hire the best talent in the world to jumpstart the next growth phase.

So what is the takeaway here?  Genuine growth and success comes from having clarity of purpose and a mindset that is looking to win—not just think about it.

If you are not sure about what key metrics you need to have in your business, I would invite you for a free, no obligation strategy call.  I know for a fact it will be a beneficial 30-minute investment for you.

Let’s talk about it.


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