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Two Types of Leadership

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting with a brainstorming group in which I am honored to be a part. The topic was leadership and coaching styles and which is most effective.  At first, I did not think that much about it.  But in hind sight, the difference between the two is remarkable.

Each method is successful in their own way, but one in particular resonates with me far more directly—and now I know why.

The first coaching method presents from a position that is all about them.  They use their communication talents to draw you over into their world, their words, and their practices and methods.

Although this first method works and creates a following, I have found that the participants have an emotional high that for most, fades over time.  And for some, very quickly.

Yet, the second method takes a very different approach.

The second focuses on where you are, what your challenges are, and where the state of your mindset might be.  The entire conversation is about getting real with yourself and understanding what limitations you have, and which ones you may be imposing upon yourself.

This coaching process is all about giving you the tools and the methods to begin from where you are right now, and make firm, tactical changes that help you shift your behavior long-term.

Like I mentioned earlier, at first I did not think much about it.  But now in hindsight, it showed me my coaching model is built similar the second style and not at all like the first.

For example, you ever have to deal with a sales person who comes in and is all about themselves, their company, their product, and you know they are adding up their commission in their head while they are talking to you?

I would much rather deal with (and be!) the sales professional that comes in and talks about your business, what is really needed, and what solutions might be available that can add genuine value to the operation.  You know, the kind of sales professionals who wants to be a real asset instead of just trying to drive a wedge between you and your current provider.

As a coach, I only work in style two—whether someone is just starting out or has a book of business over $1 million dollars.

I know from experience that lasting change comes when I begin with where you are, what you are doing well, and what tools, resources, habits, and mindset you need to adjust to get to where you want to be.

I like to say it this way.  “I am obsessed with helping producers and sales professionals win before they every show up.”

If you need to make a shift in order to get to the goals you want to achieve, I know I can help you.  Just ask every single producer that was in my program this last year.   Every single one of them had their best year ever.  In fact, almost all did so after having their best year the prior year before that.

The truth is….it just works.  If you would like to take control of your future rather than just chase it, I would love to talk to you about it.  No pushy sales tactic, just a straightforward discussion of how to get you to the life you know you can achieve.


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