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Lessons Learned from the College Baseball World Series

This past summer I had a fantastic opportunity to attend the College Baseball World Series as the guest of a player I had the pleasure of coaching throughout his little league days. As a former player and lifetime fan of the game, I was thrilled to attend for the first time, especially to watch a young man, Tyler Buffet, who put forth so much time, energy, and purposeful preparation & practice to get there.

However, I did not expect that this trip was going to deliver some lifetime principles that can benefit us all.

I expected the games to be exciting with the teams and fans trying to realize their sports dreams, but one team stood head and shoulders above the rest—and not just because they won the national championship.  Rather, Coastal Carolina University not only won, they played with vision and determination that we could all learn from.

Here are just a few of my key takeaways:

  • The team with the best individually talented players did not win. Coastal Carolina was tied for second to last in overall draft picks of the eight teams that played.
  • Coastal Carolina looked and played like they genuinely loved and respected the game, their teammates, and their coaches.
  • They played to win—instead of trying not to lose.
  • “Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” was the sign in their dugout. This says a lot about how they approached the game.
  • The team's dream and commitment to win were based on a goal set four years ago, and they executed the plan almost perfectly.

So what are we to take from this process to help us in our lives and businesses?

First, a team of fully committed individuals is a remarkable force that can overcome a gathering of ‘better' players.  How is your team and how committed are they to the team's success in relation to their personal success

Second, a team that executes with respect and discipline is miles ahead of others.  Do you lead your team in this manner?

Third, a mindset of winning (abundance) is powerful and sets you on a course to better results.  How you start has a significant impact on how you finish.

And finally, fourth, to go beyond anything we have ever achieved, we have to open up to the concept of being uncomfortable.  Growth requires us to go beyond the things and processes we are used to. It can be very uncomfortable to dream big and then to actually do the hard work required to become a champion.

So ask yourself this: Am I currently working on a significant plan with a process that is proven and is taking me outside of my comfort zone?  Am I challenging everything I do to find a better way?

I would love to talk about how to get you where (and beyond) you want to be.  Set up a time right now.


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