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Love of the Game and a Lesson for Life

Love of the Game and a Lesson for Life

Many of you may not know it, but I have the distinct honor of providing color commentary for the New Mexico State baseball games.  I love the game and really enjoy getting to serve my alma mater and the game that has meant so much to me over the years.

Truthfully, when I was first invited to join the broadcast team, I figured it would just be for fun and a great way to give back to my Aggies.  Little did I realize that a big lesson and great reminder were waiting for me.

The play-by-play announcer that I work with is Adam Young.  There is little doubt that he will eventually be doing network sports broadcasting in the near future.  In fact, almost without exception, when someone finds out that I am calling the games, they immediately comment, “Man, I love listening to Adam Young.  He is a great announcer!”

And I have to say, I completely agree.  But what is most surprising to friends, family, and other New Mexico State fans is that Adam Young is just 30 years old.  That is incredibly young by most standards—and in particular when you consider just how talented he really is.

It's All About the Reps.

Adam is known for pulling incredible detail and stats seemingly out of thin air with the skill of an announcer twice his age.  It really is something to watch when in the press box with him.

So, the other day, I asked him, “How did you get this good, this young, this fast?”

Adam simply grinned, lowered his head a bit, and said (what I should have already expected), “It is all about the reps…”

He went on to describe how for four years straight, he did 105 games in just 110 days.  That is a load of work.  But it is also notable the way he:

  • prepares and reads,
  • organizes the data in front of him in the press box, and
  • weaves that information into a story with ease as though he is having a one-on-one conversation with you right there.

In my book, that is the classic example of a true professional. Then, it dawned on me...

Those traits:

  • exceptional preparation,
  • information organization and mastery of stories to evoke emotion,
  • the ability to carry on a conversation from a place of being informed and experienced

are exactly the same traits that top sales performers use when landing multi million dollar accounts.

Working the Right Way.

When I am coaching top sales professionals, we focus on:

  • Preparing in a way so that you win before you ever show up,
  • Rehearsing and practicing your conversation with a prospect, including anticipating questions and initial objections,
  • Crafting key stories that are relevant and draw an emotional response,
  • Having command of your approach and the information so that you can freely discuss the prospect’s business through their lens.

When you do these things, you are seen as an expert—a business ally—instead of just another salesperson.

There is no better feeling for you AND for your prospect than knowing that you are there to genuinely understand their issues, give them expert advice and insight, and eliminate their blind spots.

So what is my reminder from Adam?  Simple.  If you really want to get “that good” at what you do, you have to do the reps.  You have to put in the work and work the right way.  That is what my Elevation180 program does for sales professionals who are serious about being the best in their industry.

Predictable results. Guaranteed.

If that sounds like where you want to be, I would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about it.  Set up your no-obligation strategy call here.

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