No-Nonsense Property and Casualty Insurance Training

Anti Poo SignHello and welcome! I’m Jerry Lujan, and my property and casualty insurance training program is different from all the rest. The trouble with most insurance sales training programs is that they perpetuate the problems in the insurance industry that have turned our lives into an endless 80-hour-a-week grind.

In my program, you’ll learn about two acronyms I’ve created; one to illustrate everything that’s wrong with the insurance industry: The C.R.A.P., and the other one to serve as a roadmap to help you find your way out of The C.R.A.P. and into a better way. The better way is a way that let me triple my book of business while cutting my hours in half and letting me get back in touch with my family.

The – Trust

There simply isn’t enough of this. Clients don’t trust agents because we’re not honest with them about our compensation or the services we provide. In turn, agents don’t trust their clients not to abandon ship as soon as someone new promises a lower price.

C – Commodity

Because we compete on price alone, without forging meaningful relationships or earning our clients’ trust, we have turned ourselves into a commodity. The problem is, when you compete on price alone, sooner or later, you’ll lose.

R – Roving Targets

With the methods that most agents are taught, landing a new client is sort of like playing darts, while blindfolded, after being spun around and disoriented. The client is holding the dartboard, and they’re allowed to move around whenever and wherever they want.

A – Agency Death Spiral

Our compensation structure puts our needs at odds with our clients’ needs, turning insurance sales into a zero-sum game. When we serve our clients well, their premiums are lowered. When their premiums go down, so do our commissions and our income.

P – Professionalism

A professional athlete or musician spends countless hours practicing and preparing for every hour on the stage or the field. Why then, do we as insurance professionals, think we can just “wing it” when we approach a client? It’s unprofessional and counter-productive.

So, that, in very, very brief terms, is what I feel is wrong with the world of property and casualty insurance sales. The C.R.A.P. cripples us, and while some of it is our own fault, not all of it is. Some of it, such as the commoditization of the industry, seems almost deliberately designed by the industry itself. If you want to find a better way, you have to learn to recognize these problems and correct them when and where you can. I can teach you how, and a part of that is my other acronym: BGRAT.

  • B – Balance
  • G – Goals
  • R – Relationships
  • A – Attitude and Gratitude
  • T – Tools, Coaches, and Mentors

Want to learn more? Great! Come on in and take one of my assessments, such as my Book of Business Multiplier. You can also check out a free copy of my e-Book, or better yet, schedule a time for us to talk, one-on-one, about how I can help you find a better way and transform your business and your life for the better!

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