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Overcoming Failure

Last week, I wrote about the good that can come out of failure. And truthfully, I had several questions and comments come my way that I thought we should talk about here.

Q. What if I try something new in my sales process and don’t get the same or better results?
A. Great question.  The key is to choose a system that is proven.  When I was just starting out, I was swinging at any piece of business I could write.  But over time, I realized that by letting go of certain accounts and focusing on prospects that “looked like” my top 10 accounts, my overall book of business would improve.  I call it having an Intentional Client Profile.  Every quarter I would repeat the process and quickly realized that the results in revenue were multiplying very quickly.

Q. What do you mean by “Failing Forward”?
A. Yeah, so failing forward is allowing yourself to step back from whatever did not go as well as you would have liked, and ask:

  • What one thing about this new process can I change and test again to get a 30% better result?
  • Do these results show me anything surprising that I was not expecting?
  • What did I discover about myself?
  • Could I have been more prepared?
  • Was I holding back for fear of failure?

More times than not, what you tried was not a bad idea.  It probably just needs a tweak or two to get better results.

I always say—Iterate, then Iterate.  Use what is proven, then see if you can improve upon it.

Q. How can I stay positive after a failure?
A. This is probably the toughest part for any of us.  None of us like to fail, and when we do, we tend to beat ourselves up for it.  The key is MINDSET.  You have to teach and train your mind just like you do any other muscle in your body.  If you learn to first focus on the progress and not the failure, then it is more likely you will find successes in the process—even if it is really small.

Consider this—every time you try a new resource or technique, you learn something about the process and about yourself.  The question is, what do you do with that new knowledge?

This is a good spot to emphasize that mindset is the key to all success.  Top athletes, entertainers, and top-tier earners will all tell you that mental training for what you do is the best training you can do.  We all have to do the work—there is no magic bullet.

If you want to be the best in your business, you have to train like a champion would.


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