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Positive Focus

I start off every live training session in my coaching business with a simple question: “What has you excited since the last time we met?” This process is called positive focus; it invites everyone in the room to share a particular win they have had since we last met and, when possible, a win they have had in the last week or so.

Wins come from our personal and our business life. So why do I do that?

There are a couple reasons that I start this way. One, it opens the room up to create an environment for sharing. Two, it helps everyone shift their mind from "what is wrong" to "what is right." Finally, it gives me incredible insight into where each member is. Are they moving upward and leaning forward, or are they stagnant, defeated, and frustrated?

A positive focus can be just about any win. Wins can come from our personal or business life. For example, my positive focus for today is a call I received last night from Grady, one of my Elevation180 members. He is working on a prospective account that does over $1 billion in sales. This account would be the largest of his career and also the largest for the 100-year-old agency for which he works. Grady just called to say, ‘thank you.’

The power of a positive focus for you is this:

  • You get the advantage of what is right in your life.
  • You see progress instead of the stagnation.
  • You develop a habit of seeing the positive when you do this exercise daily.
  • You learn to see progress in everyone around you.

In short, a positive focus takes you from having a negative outlook on the past to a positive focus on the future. Instead of focusing in on the two things that went wrong out of the ten you did, focus on the eight things that went right.

My wife, Lisa, and I used this process of a positive focus every night at the dinner table with our daughter, Kelley, and our son, Jared. It was not long before they could not wait to sit down and tell us their positive focus and what had them excited.

So let me ask you this:

  • Do you find yourself feeling good or feeling tired all the time?
  • When struggle or conflict occurs around you, do you bristle and think survival or do you think about solutions?
  • Is your first response to consider what is wrong in a situation or what is right?

Building a life of positive focus can reap enormous benefits for your business, your personal life, your health, and a number of other areas.

So right now, let me ask you to share with me—What is Your Positive Focus for today or this week? What is your biggest win in your personal life or business? What has you excited? Share your positive focus in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

Talk soon –


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