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From Sales to Success to Purpose

Working with hundreds of sales professionals who are all in various places is interesting, invigorating, and chocked full of rewarding journeys.  I can truly say that along the way, virtually all have gone from clients, to partners, to friends.

But there is another progression that I have seen over my 30-year career that is both fascinating and intriguing.  It goes something like this:

Newbie >> Sales Experience >> Scaled Success >> Top of the Game >> Search for Purpose and Significance

Make sense?  Not only have I experienced this in my own life, but I have numerous clients, friends, and peers in the entrepreneurial world who are making the jump from “Top of the Game” to “Purpose and Significance.”

When you have just started in a sales role, most end up chasing everything and swinging at anything trying to find some traction.  Then not to long after, usually a wise, more experienced professional shares some tips about finding and qualifying leads.  Still the newbie is frantic, but at least armed with something strategic.

Once you have some experience under your belt, most sales professional start looking for how to scale their book.  In fact, that is why I built the Accelerate! 90-day program.  (There is a new class starting just after the first of the year by the way)

But for that 1% sales pro, the goal (we all think) is what I call the “Top of the Game” group.  Most are serious go-getters with significant books of business.  They tend to be #1 in their office and for many, in their industry.

But what is interesting to me is what happens when you reach the height of your sales life—things start to change.

Purpose and significance become the single focus of your life.  Yes, most still continue to drive revenue so that their lifestyle remains.  However, almost all I know begin to look at legacy, and life purpose.  Many get involved in philanthropic work and “big idea” projects that can help large groups of people.

So what does this mean for all of us?  Why is it important to know?

Simple.  Sales is about excellence—not just about making money.  Yes, you can create a great life if you have the tenacity to continuously improve.  But real success is about constantly improving and consistently refining your methods and your actions.

So why not use the tools that $1M plus sales professionals use everyday?  It is how I quadrupled my business and changed my life forever.  Let’s talk about it.


The Elevation180 program is a premier sales coaching program with proven results.  Born out of a 30-year career as a top producer in the commercial insurance industry, Jerry Lujan has developed a series of leading edge sales tools that allow you to double, or even triple your business while working far less.  If you are tired and out of ideas to get the results you want, reach out to Jerry at www.Elevation180.com.  Every producer in the program had their best year ever in 2014.  Several of them are 15-20 year veterans.  Let’s find what works for your book of business.

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