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Sales Professionals and Mindset

Mindset is a term often thrown around far too loosely among online gurus and sales team theorists.  But having been in the trenches building a book of business just like you, I can tell you that mindset IS the single most important tool in your arsenal—at least, it should be.

I know for a fact that once I changed my mindset as a high-level producer in the commercial insurance industry, my day-to-day tasks and my overall revenue went through the roof.

Now I am not talking about just simple “think your way rich” schemes that you read about here and there.  No, I am talking about your mental perspective that you pair with serious, in-depth preparation.

When you pair mindset and preparation, the result is remarkable—and your competition will not know what just blew past them. (That would be you btw)

So how do you go about it?

I use a series of tools and methods to get very clear about what I need to do.

  • First, begin with a deep assessment of where you are and what you spend your time on. A great exercise is to do a fourteen-day “time journal” where you notate what tasks and actions you spend your time on for every 10-minute segment of your day.   Now I will warn you.  When you first do this, you will realize that you spend a lot of time on tasks you should not be doing.  But also, you may discover that you “feel busy” when in actuality, you may just be wasting time.
  • Second, now that you have your list of time and tasks from above, list everything that you are doing in one single column. Look and evaluate each one—is the the right thing for you to do for reaching your goal?  OR, is that task something that you can delegate or automate?  Or more important, is it something you can eliminate all together?
  • Third, get out of spinning plates. If you are like most successful sales professionals, you have hundreds of tasks that you keep in motion throughout your day.  The challenge with this method is that eventually you are tapped out.  You are stuck, frustrated, and do not have any more capacity in your day.  So what do you do?  You work more hours.  Trust me, I have been there and I know your pain.  The answer is to create specific blocks of time to work on your business, automate and/or put processes in place to get your day (and your life) back.

At first, these three steps may seem too easy or too elementary.  They are, in fact, tough to get in line when you first start.  And even the most experienced and structured sales professional let these slip from time to time.

But the $1M plus producers I know, all do this.  You have to be clear on where you are, know your numbers and where your time is going, and then develop systems to build and scale up.

Without shifting your mindset and your focus, you will continue chasing your business when you could actually be driving your business.

If you would like to start driving, I would love to talk to you about that.


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