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Secret Sauce to Selling

I have the pleasure of working with sales professionals of all ages and experience levels.  Without fail, regardless of the group or conversation I am in, I get asked, “Hey Jerry, what is your secret sauce to selling?”

Well if you have followed me for very long, you know I am ALL ABOUT preparation and how to win before you ever show up.  However, when answering the question, I usually get a funny reaction when I tell someone what it is.

Want to hear what my secret sauce to selling is?

Selling is fun when you:

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare – anticipate everything and practice your conversation numerous times before going in to close.
  • Learn how to ask exponentially better questions than any one else, and
  • Make the deal  a WIN-WIN for your prospect and for yourself.

Sure, there will be some prospects who don’t really care if there is a WIN for you.  And if so, you are chasing the wrong prospects.  People value who and what they respect.

But when you make your proposal or offer a WIN for the client first, you gain trust and respect.  And when you value yourself and craft the proposal in a way that is also a WIN for you, your client will value you more.

The secret sauce is to make it about your client, but while showing them the value you add.  In my elite coaching group, we call that becoming a vital business ally.

Competing on price – losing cause.

Competing by creating division and doubt – temporary gain.

Competing by becoming the go to resource for your client’s goals – PRICELESS.

If you are ready to change the game so that you get the results you know you deserve, we should talk. New Win180 and Accelerate groups are forming now to begin immediately after the first of the year.

Drive your future rather than react your way to it.


The Elevation180 program is a premier sales coaching program with proven results.  Born out of a 30-year career as a top producer in the commercial insurance industry, Jerry Lujan has developed a series of leading edge sales tools that allow you to double, or even triple your business while working far less.  If you are tired and out of ideas to get the results you want, reach out to Jerry at  Every producer in the program had their best year ever in 2014.  Several of them are 15-20 year veterans.  Let’s find what works for your book of business.

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