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"Jerry's passion for what he does, his belief in me, in my ability to become something I wanted to be was the difference I saw in Elevation180. Quite frankly, he changed my life." 

"3 Years ago I was at $90,000, now I'm at $700,000 on my way to $1,000,000. I'm growing my book of business bigger, faster, and easier than I ever could have imagined."

" The program brought a group of producers from all over the country together, to challenge each other to get better, to question the process and learn from each other and Jerry."

Book Of Business Growth

Beginning of Program: $90,000  

To Date: $700,000


"I’ve validated so now I’m seeing more of the fruit of my labor. I don’t think I would have gotten there without the program."

"I look at others in our class who had million dollar books and most people would look at that and say, “It doesn’t sound like they need a coach” and I would say that there is always something more, even if you’re having success."

"Practice has been drilled into us since day one, from some of the books he has had us read, practice and envisioning things have been two of the more impactful things as well."

"I’d say that the workshops are really helpful, and I don’t dread them. This is probably the first training I’ve ever done where I look forward to them, and now for me they’re done but I’ve always looked forward to the workshops."

Book Of Business Growth

Beginning of Program: $270,000

To Date: $600,000


"I’ve always been a generalist. I’ve never had the luxury of getting larger accounts or specific accounts I enjoyed working with and he basically taught me you can do it, you can narrow your focus, you can write bigger accounts. You can break the mold you’ve been in. It’s not easy, the preparation is intense, it’s looking at your life and your time and who you give it to."

"The biggest take away is preparation. One of the most beneficial things is being able to do a live talk with an actual business owner and asking them questions."

"If it’s your intention to really double or triple your book of business and do it in an effective way where you maximize your time and opportunities then take this class."

Book Of Business Growth

Beginning of Program: $525,000

To Date: $575,000


"I have less stress for sure, it was getting to the point, especially being one of the newer guys, that the pressure starts hitting really hard and you have to perform at a pretty high level. They don’t care that you’ve been in it for two years or twenty years; you have to have the same goals as everybody else. At first I thought that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But working with Jerry, he said screw them, go beat them! The competitive aspect came in but he showed me how to get there faster, and it’s been almost an unfair advantage. From that standpoint my stress level has gone down tremendously. It frees me up to exercise and stay healthy, which gives me more energy to work when I need to work and my income increased dramatically. All of those things just make every other part of your life better. It really does snowball."

"I would say you’re making the wrong choice if you don’t join. Just look at all the examples, my book is going to double by the time that I’m finished with the class, my free time has probably also doubled with by book, which doesn’t make sense but it happened."

Book Of Business Growth

Beginning of Program: $160,000  

To Date: $430,000


"I told Jerry this at the beginning, I told him that I do not want to take a class where I get a book, I go home, it sits on a shelf, and I never look at it again and I don’t use it. Where I redeveloped his tools to fit my eyes or used the exact tools that he gave me, that is the difference between this class and any class I have ever taken. Those techniques have become the backbone of my process, whether it’s in preparation or analyzing my book of business."

"I’d never quite realized or learned how to design a good question and how do you get good at asking it and asking the questions behind the questions."

"All of us would say that we get the biggest rush out of solving people’s problems. This class allows us to get there faster, and that game is a lot of fun."

"Frankly speaking I would say joining this class is a no brainer, you’ll get a perspective of what you can be in this business and then you’ll get the opportunity to develop it yourself in a way to be successful."

Book Of Business Growth

Beginning of Program: $346,000

To Date: $720,000


"A big part of it to me was Jerry has walked in my shoes before so it’s not someone who did it and wasn’t good at it and found something different. He did it and was successful and he has walked a mile in my moccasins. That really helped me because he’s been there where I’m at in the trenches."

"I wrote considerably more new business the first year I was in the program than I had on average in the past years- approximately $200,000 more in revenue. I just feel more confident, I’ve got a better program, a better approach."

"I think all producers should be using someone like Jerry and I would recommend Jerry. You must continually practice and you must have a coach and to me Jerry is both a coach and a mentor."

"I’ve been involved in two other sales type processes and there isn’t any comparison. He’s more organized, better approached- more strategic approach, better planned process."

Book Of Business Growth

Beginning of Program: $955,000

To Date: $1,850,000


"I would describe Win180 as thinking outside the box, and Jerry is going to find the tools to take you to the next level. You learn to build relationships, he teaches you different ways, and then you have to change the ways you’ve been doing things, you have to be willing to do that."

"If you’re ready to take it to the next level, and you’re willing to put in the work and then change the way you’ve always been doing things then hold on, here it comes."

"I really wanted to have Jerry take me to the next level. I wanted to get out of the rut that I was in and find a different way of doing things. I just hit it right off with him when he started telling me his story, because I was the same guy. Since that I have been able to not only grow my business but also spend a lot more time with my kids and my wife, which is more important."

"My book has grown quite a bit just by using the sound principles that he’s teaching us, that not every other agent in town is using."

Book Of Business Growth

Beginning of Program: $1,097,000

To Date: $2,007,000

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