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Through Their Lens: Customer Delight from Prospect to Renewal

In my world of working alongside top sales professionals and producers, I hear “gurus” and “theorists” spend a lot a time talking about how to elevate features and benefits and creating chaos and fractures between customers and their current provider.

I do not want to waste your time here, so I will say this plainly.  You can do those things, or you can do what the top 1% of sales professionals do.  I know first-hand that almost every relationship ends the way it starts.  So, if you begin getting hammered on price, you will forever be fighting that battle.  And if you create chaos as a wedge between a prospect and their current provider, the same will eventually happen to you.

It goes along with the old saying, “If someone talks to you about another person, you can bet they are talking to someone else about you.”

That is why in my 30-year plus career, I focused on one single principle when preparing for a sales call and when presenting in a sales call.

Consider Every Detail Through the Customer’s Lens

Amateurs focus on a quick transaction or what their commission is going to be.  True professionals consider every detail through the customer’s lens—first, and only.

Now why is that?  Consider that when you look at everything through the customer’s lens, you:

  • Communicate to the prospect or client that their priorities are first;
  • See yourself and a business ally and teach them to do the same;
  • Present from a position of strength and confidence (that is contagious); and,
  • Understand better what recommendations you can make that best suit their need, their risk, their concerns, and their business objectives.

In my experience, when a prospect or client sees you this way, price is not the first thing they are worried about.

By looking through the customer’s lens, you gain the customer’s confidence AND you create your own unique playing field with your own set of rules.  Your competitors cannot compete with you.

So my question is this:  Are you getting the results that you want?  If not, are you using the tactics of an amateur or a true professional?

Let’s talk about how to get you where you want to go.


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