The Proven Insurance Sales Coaching Program

The WIN180 program is the elite, proven insurance sales training program for producers.  Each quarterly session is a gathering of leading producers in a closed, confidential, two-day session that focuses on deep strategies and tactics for growing your book of business several times over.  Current WIN180 members have experienced instant, measurable growth, increased revenue and customer value while gaining more personal free time.

We know what it takes to grow your insurance business because we have been there.  The WIN180 insurance sales training program is built from the exact tools that Jerry used to grow his book of business four times over while reducing his personal work time.  His tried and true strategies are explained in detail and then implemented in the workshop environment.  Workshops are dynamic, open discussion time with the fastest growing insurance producers in North America.

We Have a Class Starting Soon

Our Next Class will be starting soon, so the sooner you act to reserve your spot the better, Space is limited; and this will be our last new class of the Year.

What You Get With Win180?

This proven insurance sales training program is customized to YOU!  Here’s what you get:

Our goal is at minimum, to grow your book of business by three times your current new business average.
You discover incredible efficiency that allows you to spend more time with family or on the things you love the most.
You build personalized, step-by-step action plans that can be implemented into daily activities from Day 1.
You receive access to a network of professionals who you can leverage to accelerate your own growth.
You will identify key habits and practices that create instant measurable success.
Each two-day workshop is loaded with tools and coaching you can use immediately.

You benefit from 30 years of proven experience.  Everything I learned along the way to grow my Book of Business

You will develop and own “Win-Win” insurance sales strategies that allow you to increase your value and grow your book of business.

You become a business ally to your clients, rather than a vendor.

You increase retention while multiplying referrals.

How Does The Win180 Program Work?

WIN180 is an insurance sales training program designed to give you the proven tools and skills to rapidly grow your book of business.  Current members are experiencing incredible success and new business growth.

Reagan Consulting conducted a study in 2012 that concluded that less than 11% of all insurance agents, regardless of area of focus (Commercial Property and Casualty, Employee Benefits), never experience growth of more than 10% in a single year. Elevation180 participants exceed this number regularly. Read their stories HERE.

What does this mean for you,

                Like Minded producers, who want to grow, come into Albuquerque once a quarter for a two day workshop where we cover, coach, and develop strategies to implement the tools I used to grow my business and that others have used successfully. Each month between sessions we have a short call with the class to touch base on progress and answer any questions.


Program Structure and Benefits

♦ A total of 4 two-day onsite workshops.

♦ Hands on tools that apply directly to your business.

♦ Access to Jerry and his team.

♦ Applicable working tools that are easily modified according to different agency cultures.

♦ Access to electronic versions of the tools from the workbooks.

♦ Access to additional resources and marketing materials.

♦ Access to a network of highly motivated, like-minded professionals.

♦ Monthly “Refocus Team Calls” to touch base on progress and provide additional coaching.



Year Program


Two Day Workshops


Team Refocus Calls 

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