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We all want to achieve work life balance, as if it was a set in stone static goal. Once we find the magic ratio then we will always have balance. But life at work and at home is not static, so we need to stop seeing balance that way. See how we thought about and found some ways to work on our balance.



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Today I'm excited to talk about Technology and how it's going to impact us all in the very near future!

There is a massive angst among people regarding technology and how fast it is going to impact us all. From new ideas to new inventions, the fear of something new added to our daily lives creates immense anxiety and frustration. Christopher Bader, from Chapman University says, "People fear things they depend on but don't have any control over.” That's technology. It’s moving at a pace much faster than we can comprehend

To put this into perspective - knowing that humans are taught to think linearly, imagine taking 30 linear steps - Where would be? You would be 30 steps away; we could all easily envision that! Now imagine taking 30 steps exponentially where your steps double each time. 1,2,4,8,16,32 ect.

Now where do you think you'd end up? amazingly - it’s 26 times around the planet!

Using this model, here's an example of what I'm talking about:

In the 1990s, Kodak had 150,000 employees and a stock value of more than $30 billion dollars - they were the leaders in the film development industry. In less than 20 years they went from being the industry leader to completely out of business, ironically their demise was because of the digital camera, which was the technology they created and subsequently ignored! In a few short years, the growth development of the digital camera virtually eliminated the need of film development.

The same thing has happened in the music industry, the bookstore industry, and the travel industry to name a few!

We live in a world of constant and rapid change. We cannot afford to ignore the technology advancements any longer. Let's remember Kodak as the example to know that we are playing in a different game today. I believe the insurance industry, where I've spent my entire career is on the same path to destruction as Kodak. We are a big target and rightfully so because of its size, a Trillion dollar industry that's been doing things the same old way for hundreds of years.  Not only will technology affect us all due to massive changes in risk exposures like robotics, drones and autonomous vehicles to name a few, it will also be effected by big data, and artificial intelligence in the way risk is underwritten, priced, and delivered. Product knowledge is no longer the value that will sustain the industry.

There is a new game and here at Win180, we provide the secret sauce in overcoming the challenges and maximizing the opportunities that technology is bringing to dominate your market to Win on Purpose!

If you’re interested or even worried about how technology will affect your bigger future, click the link for my personal contact information to set up a call to discuss ways to help you live into your bigger future.

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